Build A Player Controller Without Code # 9 – Melee Combat – Bolt Visual Scripting + Unity

In this video, I start work on the Combat System of my player controller using Bolt Visual Scripting. Click the links below to download all the assets if you’re interested in following along! If you need help, message me on Discord!

Intro: (0:00)
Needed Macros: (0:42)
Needed Variables: (1:00)
Input Manager: (1:20)
Setting Up Animations: (1:57)
Animation Conditions: (4:05)
Attack Point Setup: (6:26)
Scene Variable: (8:08)
CombatMode Abilities: (9:00)
Transition from Combat to Non-Combat: (10:08)
Trigger to Combat: (11:20)
Trigger to Non-Combat: (12:25)
GroundAttack Explanation: (12:43)
How Combat Works: (16:13)
Final Product: (18:01)

My Patreon Page –
First Video in the Series –
Using Gizmos – Bolt Quick Tips Video –
Bolt Discord Link –
Unity Asset Store –
Bolt Download –
Main Player Sprite –
Enemy Sprites –


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