Danner Boot Frontier Style For Big Game Hunting

If I were to get into hunting, what would the best boot be fore me? Most people would probably tell me that I should think about a Danner boot for sure, but there are so many. Turns out, though, that the Frontier Extreme may be the best Danner boot for anyone who is into big game hunting.

In 2003, Danner boots introduced their Frontier Extreme. The boot was specifically designed for big game hunting in the western United States. It is a 10 inch all leather boot that is made for harsh conditions that you may encounter when hunting deer, elk, bear, or even mountain lion in the western part of the country. There are several models within the Frontier collection of Danner boots, and each offers the comfort and durability needed for big game hunting in the west.

As with any Danner boot, the Frontier boots have stitchdown construction. This trademark of Danner boots offers support and durability for the boot, helping it to hold up in harsh conditions. These boots also include a new sole. By combining a hard perimeter lug and soft inner lugs, the boots offer durability and great traction at the same time. It is the perfect sole for the harsh conditions in the wilds of the west. In addition, the tongue is padded and there is triple stitching in the upper so that those long days in the bush are easier on your feet.

This particular Danner boot offers full grain leather on the upper that is also waterproof and a full ten inches. The result is fantastic support. The weather out west can be unpredictably cold, wet, and harsh. This Danner boot takes that into account. By using a Gore-Tex liner and Thinsulate insulation in the boot, your feet will stay warm and dry in those tough Rocky Mountain or Plains conditions as you track that trophy.

Located in Portland, Oregon, the people who design Danner boots are familiar with the weather and terrain of the American west. They have a history of producing innovative, functional footwear. The Danner shoes and Danner boots are made with great attention to craftsmanship and quality. The Frontier collection of big game hunting boots is no exception. The full grain leather, extra support, water proofing, insulation, and attention to stitching detail will help big game hunters in the western United States to endure long days on tough terrain in harsh weather conditions.

Whether you are considering taking up hunting in the first place, are thinking of upgrading to big game, or are a veteran of big game hunting in the west, the boot you choose is going to make a big difference in your comfort and stamina in the field. No matter how long you look and how much you compare, you will find that the Danner boot Fronteir Brands offer everything you need. The comfort, style, durability, and overall quality of the boots [http://www.therivertimes.com/category/recreation-guides] are just what you need over the long haul.

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