Ender Ender Farm XP Farm Tutorial NO ENDERMITE NEEDED: Minecraft Endermen Farm 1.14.4 & 1.15+ (EASY)

Want an Enderman FARM XP Farm but DON’T want to have to summon an endermite? This farm is SO SIMPLE and works GREAT!


IN todays episode of Minecraft Farms with Avomance I am making the simplest Enderman Farm I can think of. it is SO simple that I am surprised it works so well… tens of XP levels in minutes!

This is a really easy XP farm that takes very little time to build AND has a waste disposal system for all the Enderpearls that it generates, BUT has an override that allows you to keep the drops too!

I THINK I thought of everything! its a fun and easy Minecraft tutorial

So this easy XP farm is the solution for your Minecraft XP farm needs. Its a great Enderman Farm that competes with the big Ender Ender farm builds that are out there… but DOESN’T NEED AN ENDERMITE!




Easy Minecraft Farm


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I am going to answer the following questions in this Minecraft Tutorial:

How to make an XP farm
How to make an Enderman Farm
How to make an Ender Ender
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Minecraft Enderman Farm design
Easy Minecraft XP Farm with Enderman
Enderman Farm Mob Farm design tutorial

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