Game Design Tools

Game Design Tools: For When Spreadsheets and Flowcharts Aren't Enough

In this 2017 GDC session, game designer Katharine Neil gives an overview of some of the game design tools available that might help game designers improve their game design and thus way being able to improve their games:

Game Design Tools
Game Design Tools


Section 1 : Industry Standards

@4:53 Machinations

@8:53 Articy: Draft

@11:50 Skill atoms

Section 2 : Experimental

@13:24 Mixed Initiative

@14:04 Sentient Sketchbook

@16:07 Ludoscope

@18:22 PCG-based level editor for the game Refraction

Section 3 : Additional info

@21:08 Progressimo

@23:28 Benefits of using game design tools

@24:58 Limitations and pitfalls

@26:36 Suggested Approaches

2:36 / 30:40

Game Design Tools: For When Spreadsheets and Flowcharts Aren’t Enough

Game Design Tools youtube video

Some highlights from the video comments

Another good concept is creating the tools yourself. If you can build a game, you can most likely use the same tool to build parts of the game. Think of a dialog system, You can make it editable ingame, and save the results to external scripts.

Think of a character creator for example (To make custom NPC’s) And the ability to name them, entering their dialog etc. Or a level editor, not just for the end player but you can use this editor to make levels yourself. It could be faster, easier.

And you’ll be able to make them ingame (Handy if you build a mobile game, that means you can work wherever you are!) Most engines support mobile, so even if your game isn’t made for mobile, these tools build in these engines could still run on mobile 😉

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