Graphic Storytelling and Visual Narrative (Will Eisner Instructional Books)

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“There isn’t a comics artists alive who hasn’t benefited from Will Eisner’s masterful work and formidable wisdom.”―Scott McCloud, author of Understanding Comics

In Graphic Storytelling and Visual Narrative, Will Eisner―one of the most influential comic artists of the twentieth century―lays out the fundamentals of storytelling and their application in the comic book and graphic novel. In a work that will prove invaluable for comic artists and filmmakers, Eisner reveals how to construct a story and the basics of crafting a visual narrative. Filled with examples from Eisner’s work as well as that of artists like Art Spiegelman and R. Crumb, this essential work covers everything from the fine points of graphic storytelling to the big picture of the medium, including how to:

  • Combine words and images into seamless storytelling.
  • Wield images like narrative tools.
  • Master different types of comic book stories.
  • Write and illustrate effective dialogue.
  • Develop ideas that can be turned into dynamic stories.

Indispensable techniques from the mind of the master cartoonist who developed them. –Jeff Smith, award-winning creator of Bone”

Will Eisner is the father of the medium a living legend who started it all. I am continually in awe. He makes me proud to be a cartoonist. –Judd Winick, award-winning creator of Pedro and Me and writer for Green Lantern”

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