How To Build A Simple Android Game – Unity 2020

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Video Description:

How to build a simple android game with unity 2020 complete tutorial. Build and run an android game and create mobile games with Unity 2020. In this video you will learn to install Unity, create a simple 2D Ball bounce android game with Unity, then you will set up android sdk, ndk, jdk for unity and finally you will build and publish it as an apk and install and run it on your mobile device.

If you take the complete android game development coruse, You will learn these things:

Build a strong foundation in Unity and Android Game Development with this course.

Unity Installation & Setup
Android Game Examples
Learn C# Scripting
Create 2D & 3D Games
Build Fully Functional Apps
Design and Develop Games and Apps

Starting with the installation of the Unity , Java Development Kit and Android SDK , this course will take you through various unity features and how to use them. By creating example games, you’ll a establish a strong understanding of unity game development.

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