How to make a 2D platformer (E16 Punch Animation) – Unity 2020 Tutorial

In this tutorial series you will learn how to create a 2D platformer in Unity. I recommend that you have unity 2019 or newer installed when following along.

I will release a new video to the public every Monday. Patrons will have early access and will be able to watch new videos every day. Patrons also have access to all assets and files.

You can support me on patron here:

You can get the project files by following this link(This includes the complete unity project all assets like commented C# scripts, sprites, sounds, etc.):

If you do not know C# I can recommend my Udemy C# & Unity course:

I will explain everything I’m doing in details so that every one can follow along and learn something.
I will be following the Object oriented principles and keep good code practices up, so that you can take what you learn here and apply it to real life coding at.

Throughout the series you will learn how to implement the most common features for a 2D platformer game, if you feel like something is missing please don’t hesitate to let me know.

Throughout the series you will learn the following:
• Rig a 2D character
• Create 2D character animations based on a rig.
• Run
• Walk
• Jump
• Double jump
• Pick up weapons
• Swap between weapons.
• Break items
• Kill enemies
• Jump on enemies
• Make a simple enemy AI
• Make a player immortal
• Make a player die
• Create moving platforms
• Jump onto platforms
• Collect items
• UI elements like lives and collectables

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