How To Make a Game in Unity – Unity Beginner Tutorials (E01)

Learn how to make a game in unity — and not just what to do, but why. So when you want to use what you learned in your own project, you can.

This will be the best unity tutorial for beginners in 2020 (and beyond). I’m bringing my 11 years of Unity and 25 years of programming experience to put things together in a new way to be the best game development for beginners out there.

This is part 1 — intro and scene setup. I talk a little bit about learning a superpower, and we go over the basics of starting a new project, customizing the interface a little bit, adding an object and moving it around.

Future videos will come out every couple of days until all 12 of them are done. This series will be the foundation for all the other unity tutorials I make. It’s the one I wish I had when I started using Unity over a decade ago. It’s the one I wish I had the knowledge and experience to make in 2013 when I started making unity tutorials. It’s the best one I can make today, and I hope you enjoy it.

This Foundations series will be the basis of a lot more Unity game dev tutorials in the future — I won’t have to go over these basics again for a long time and can just dive right into the good stuff in those videos, teaching how to make several related games that all build off the same code. Big plans for that series, and it all starts here.


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Timestamps for your convenience below:

00:00 – Start
00:07 – You can learn a superpower
01:14 – Why we are using the 2019 LTS version
02:59 – Let’s talk about Unity’s Interface
03:21 – Customizing the interface
04:34 – Understanding the different areas of the interface
07:15 – Adding our first objec to the scene
07:38 – Moving Objects in the Scene
08:16 – Object Inspector
09:02 – More ways to move things
09:36 – The Scene View
09:58 – Navigating the Scene View
10:54 – Zoom in / Find a specific object
11:07 – Other buttons around the scene view you should know



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