Interactive Tutorials on Steam! (Learn Game Development)

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Here’s a really exciting project I’ve been wanting to do for a long time, Code Monkey Steam App!

The goal is to have a nice simple App containing all of the completed games I’ve made for the channel.
Doom, Wash Your Hands, Top-Down Shooter, Flappy Bird, Snake, Minesweeper and more.
All of those will be easily playable through the App.

It will also have a bunch of Interactive Tutorials for learning Game Design and Programming.
And it will also obviously contain a list of all the videos and update as new videos get added.

Having a Steam App also opens up a lot of possibilities for really cool projects in the future.
For example I could make some Multiplayer Tutorials and update the Steam build so all you have to do is get it and we can all play around with some cool mini-games.
Or I can make it usable as an interface for some Livestream games.
Or simply have an easy way to keep adding all the completed game project I make in one easy place.
So this opens up a lot of really cool possibilities for some interesting projects and interacting more with all of you.

Like I mention in the videos where I give advice to Indie Developers, Wishlists are extremely important so please go here and Add to your Wishlist 👉
Doing so really helps out in getting some visibility on Steam
And when it comes out you will be notified and the app will be free

✅ Add to Wishlist! 👉

If you have any questions post them in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer them.

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See you next time!

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Hello and welcome, I am your Code Monkey and here you will learn everything about Game Development in Unity 2D using C#.

I’ve been developing games for several years with 7 published games on Steam and now I’m sharing my knowledge to help you on your own game development journey.

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