Isometric Graph Paper Notebook: Large Size 8.5×11 | 110 Pages | Subtle Light Grey Grid | 1/4 Inch Equilateral Triangle | Soft Cover Book | For 3D … Level Design, Technical Drawing | Geometry

Price: $6.99
(as of Dec 08,2019 02:49:02 UTC – Details)

The notebook is filled with 110 pages of grid paper with equilateral triangles, each measuring 0.28″.

  • Three Dimensional Designing, including landscape and architecture
  • Puzzles and optical illusions
  • Boxes and staircases
  • 3D printer projects
  • Gaming ideas
  • Geometry projects

Isometric paper is printed with a grid of equilateral triangles (each measuring .28″). It is invaluable for any kind of three dimensional design including architecture, landscaping or sculpture. Some artists enjoy using it to draw puzzles or complex or labyrinthine 3D images with boxes and staircases (rather like the style of MC Escher). It has become particularly popular for planning 3D Printer projects. Some schools and many colleges now offer 3D printing facilities and classes. It may also be used for geometry.

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