Learn C# by Creating a Fun Life Simulator Game in Unity – EP1 INTRODUCTION

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This course is designed to teach anyone who wishes to either learn C#, learn to make games, or both. The course is designed for new developer that wants to quickly progress to more advanced techniques that can dramatically improve the quality of your game design.

While this course was written primarily for those wishing to learn C# to make games in Unity, the tutorials in this course can also be helpful if you have alternative reasons for wanting to learn C#.

Perhaps you need to learn C# .NET or are using C# for business applications and you find building games a more fun and exciting way to learn the required skills than reading text books and working through boring reference like examples? This course is a fun way to learn C# quickly and and moving from beginner to advanced techniques in record time.

We walk through step-by-step how to create the Unity Project and how to use the Unity Editor to design a basic user interface for our game. Then you create your first C# script and learn how to define variables, conditions, and loops. As the complexity of the game increases we learn about re-factoring techniques and more advanced concepts such as delegates and events.

In the end you will have a solid foundation to create a Fun Life Simulator game that you can extend with your own ideas and concepts.


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