Learn how to make Games: Unity (Part 2) – An Introduction to Using Playmaker Visual Scripting

Hi I’m Jerry from Bliz Studio LLC. In this intro to game design tutorial I’ll be covering installing Playmaker Visual Scripting tool and iTween and a brief introduction to both. (subsequent videos will cover both more in-depth).

How to Make a Video Game With Unity3D and Playmaker Series:
Part 1: Introduction to Unity3D – https://youtu.be/loCS3NtySaU
Part 2: Installing and Using Playmaker – https://youtu.be/t4OcbXIUO30
Part 3: Making things Move in Playmaker – https://youtu.be/CsUGYEOTCEk
Part 4: Getting Key Inputs to Make things Move 2 – https://youtu.be/WSZYvE-6SHM
Part 5: Creating Graphics and Particle Effects – https://youtu.be/pG_taUKOyRs
Part 6: Creating an Enemy and Spawn Point – https://youtu.be/N6VtLrX2sfs
Part 7: Creating Bullets, Getting Key Input, and Firing in Game https://youtu.be/fRejNaE53Vc
Part 8: Zapping those Enemy Ships https://youtu.be/-IJ-cp-Pcso
Part 9: Adding Score to a UI with Unity 3D and Playmaker https://youtu.be/6iklJztDpbs
Part 10: Generating Levels In your Game https://youtu.be/R-LBquqPmLE
Part 11: Health Manager, Player Death, Game over https://youtu.be/2B8W2IwLFP0
Part 12: Creating Main Menu UI and Animating the UI – https://youtu.be/ihShWaoEIDQ

This is the end of this series but will be creating more/different tutorials.

If you have any requests for tutorials/demos, please let me know.

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