Making a Mobile Game with Unity 3D and Playmaker – Setting up the Environment

Beginner Game Design tutorial series creating a simple Bounce type game using Playmaker within Unity 3D. In this first video, we will set up the walls and making them bouncing with a physics material. Absolutely NOCODE. Also check out How to Create a Skateboard Game:

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Tutorial 01 – Setting up Walls to bounce off of
Tutorial 02 – Creating the Ball and a Paddle
Tutorial 03 – Moving the Paddle and Creating a Trail for the Ball
Tutorial 04 – Adding Score to the Game and a Score UI
Tutorial 05 – Creating Game Over UI and a Game Over Manager
Tutorial 06 – Adding a Button to Game Over UI and Resetting the Game
Tutorial 07 – Creating Bounce Sounds and adding to Walls and Paddle
Tutorial 08 – Creating Screen Shake and a Screen Shake Manager
Tutorial 09 – Making it look good with Materials and Post Processing
Tutorial 10 – Adding Particle Effects to the Background and The Paddle

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