Minecraft: Nether Portal Design Tutorial (How To Build)

Here’s a simple way to decorate your nether portal on both sides! These 2 design builds the same way but with some different materials.

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0:00 Overworld Intro (Materials + Layout)
0:22 Overworld Base
2:49 Overworld Decorating
4:43 Overworld Pathways + Texturing
5:14 Overworld Outro
5:21 Nether Intro (Materials + Layout)
5:35 Nether Base (Part 1)
6:54 Nether Decorating
8:31 Nether Base (Part 2)
9:22 Nether Pathways
9:30 Nether Decorating (Final Touches)
9:46 Nether Outro

Shaders: BSL (https://bitslablab.com/)

Music provided by BGM President
Track : Into the Silent Sea – https://youtu.be/pkP3ED-Vkos
Track : I Will Come Back – https://youtu.be/fMs9IhrSRwQ
Track : Drowsy Afternoon – https://youtu.be/MuAoD-pBzHI


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