PixelPAD Tutorial: Fruit Slashers #0 – Introduction

Learn Python by creating a Fruit Ninja like game on PixelPAD

Are you ready to learn Python and create your own games? In this course we are going to create a Fruit Ninja like game on PixelPAD, a web-based IDE. Everything you will need is a computer connected to the internet.

At the end of this course we will have coded our fully working Fruit Slashers game, containing 5 fruits, a bomb, main menu and game over screens, sound, stage timer, screen shake, score, and animations.

The final project can be found here:

This course is going to teach you everything you need to start coding your own games:
– Programming Logic
– X & Y Coordinates
– Object Oriented Programming
– Conditions
– Loops
– Randomness
– Coding Best Practices
– Game Design


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