Playing Pool With the Right Pool Cue Makes All the Difference in the World

A recreational or infrequent pool player may not notice that the pool cue they grab off the rack is two ounces heavier than the one they used the previous time.

You may not even check to see if the cue is straight by rolling it on the table for accuracy. So what’s the big deal right?

Checking for both could make the difference in you winning or losing the game just because you didn’t realize how important those little factors are when your playing pool.

It’s very difficult to check the weight on a pool cue when your play in a Billiards Room, but when you have your own cue you know the exact weight of that pool stick.

The correct weight, length and feel make the difference. It might not cross your mind that the tip needs to be re-shaped or that the shaft isn’t absolutely straight.

But for the more advanced professional player whose games rests on accuracy and consistency, these issues grow to be imperative.

The only way to really make sure you are playing the best game ever consistently is by making the plunge and paying the bucks to have your own personal Pool cue that fits all of your gaming needs.

Having your own Pool cue has it’s advantages more than you realize. It’s yours and yours alone. No one else uses it, just you. Having your own cue will afford you a consistency of performance that only comes with using the same equipment over and over again.

Like many other games of skill, the less a player has to think about while performing, the more likely they are to play at their maximum potential. So when choosing a pool cue, make sure it feels good in your hand.

It moves smoothly when your lining up for a shot. It just really feels perfect to you and you will feel more confident when your playing.

It could take a while to find that perfect cue. You just may want to have a Custom Cue made for the type of game you play. It’s really all about what feels comfortable for you.

With your custom stick, the weight, balance, the feel of the grip and the strike will be the same every time you hit the ball. With so many design choices, your own Pool stick can add a touch of class to each & every game you play.

There are so many pool cues out there how do you know which one is right for your experience & game your wanting to play.

All I can say is do your research. It may take going into several Pool halls or Billards stores and just picking them up in your hand to see exactly how they feel.

Ask friends you play with what type of Pool cue they have and prefer. The look, style, color. So many variables right? Well ask lot’s of questions before you decide to have a custom cue made just for you because once it’s made it’s yours.

You may go through several cues in your pool carrier because your game could change, or your physical ability is limited for some reason. So understand the first cue won’t be your last. It’s just a beginning of your Pool playing carrier.

Your game will improve with the correct Pool cue for your body & game. So don’t rush into purchasing just any ole cue. Find the one that feels good in your hands.

Source by Ron T

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