Silent Hill 2 game design doc


Silent Hill 2 game design doc

Original Silent Hill 2 game design doc


Possibly one of the best survival horror titles of all time, Silent Hill 2 perfects what the first game had to offer. The graphics, gameplay, and atmosphere have all been improved. The pitch document explains the main points in detail.

After the success of the first Silent Hill, the developers were in a slightly better position than the developers of Grand Theft Auto: the first Silent Hill was a very unique survival horror game that combined grotesque horror with psychological elements, allowing players to become It allowed players to immerse themselves in a world of horror.

In the second game, a husband named James Sunderland visits the haunted town of the title to search for his wife, who is believed to be dead. This writing is just as wonderful as it sounds. Who wouldn’t want to see where this story goes?

The emphasis in this film is on the psychological horror elements, and the bloody elements of its predecessor have been put on the back burner. The result is a dark, looming, psychological horror genre-inspired landscape and sets.

As for the combat, the developers have stated that it reflects the “Resident Evil” of the time. The difference with Capcom’s title is that it changes the tempo of the game.

In Silent Hill 2, there were long stretches of time where you didn’t encounter any enemies. On the other hand, in Resident Evil, especially the more recent titles, enemies are right around the corner. It’s scary in both cases.


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