Unity C# Scripting – 2D Player Jump & Ground Check

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1. 00:00 – Intro
2. 00:50 – Explaining The Movement Code
3. 01:36 – Creating The Jump Function
4. 04:03 – Making The Jump Better
5. 05:18 – Fixing Multiple Jumping
6. 07:07 – Code for Ground Check
7. 11:50 – Final Play Testing

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Video Description:
In this video we go over the essentials of C# scripting for 2D Game Development with Unity. You will Learn to create 2D Character Controller using C#, 2D top Down Character Controller using C#, 2D Platformer Controller in Unity, Click To Move , Move with mouse and more 2D Game Development features using Unity & C#.

Welcome to Unity3D C# scripting tutorial series. In this series you will learn how program in C# in unity to create awesome games. Writing scripts is one of the most important process of creating games in unity3d game engine. If you learn C# from ground up , you can create amazing games in unity. C# coding gives you a lot of control over unity, which you can use to do whatever you want in your game. If you are starting with unity game development scripting, you should start learning C# instead of javascript. C# allows you to write scripts for unity in a more organised way, which would help you to understand your game code later. If you want to be a game programmer then Unity and C# is a great way to start learning about various game development principles. Unity is a full fledged game engine, you can do anything you want, and when you have the power of C# in it, you can achieve anything easily. You can write more robust, readable, faster executable code for unity game development. You may have seen that Unity official tutorials also use C#, since it’s better to write code in C# than javascript. javascript is a more free-form language, it gives you more freedom which is not that good in long run. If you want to write better code for unity game development, then you should write your code in unity with C#. C# is a great language developed by Microsoft for it’s .net platform, and unity uses it as a scripting language.

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