Video Game Design & Development: Goldwing

Goldwing is a head to head fighter where dragons are the characters of choice. Designed for a maximum of four players, this PC game utilizes an Xbox 360 controller but players have the choice to use standard keyboard commands as well. With three beautiful levels to battle in, players can select one of four dragons: Skyshark, Gougon, Crucix, and Draco. Each dragon has it’s own unique abilities to suit different styles of play.

This video features exclusive behind-the-scenes development footage as well as interviews with a few key members of the student development team. See what James Reinelt, Trevelyan Des Rochers, and Kevin Moodie concerning their responsibilities for the project, and how they liked the Video Game Design & Development program.

Every graduating class of Video Game Design & Development students are responsible for the development of their own game. Goldwing is the newest game in the line-up. From character to level design, from programming to beta testing, sound effects to soundtrack, the graduating class of June 2012 did it all under the guidance of Academy of Design’s faculty.

Academy of Design’s Video Game Design Program will now be offered at Toronto Film School. For more information, please visit

Visit to see the continued developments for this game and download a free copy to play!


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