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Game design and development used to require you to know all sorts of coding, maths and gobbledegook which made it inaccessible to the layman. Over the past few years a number of development tools have appeared that makes it much easier to design, develop and publish your own games online. These range from single game type focused tools such as RPG Maker to behaviour led programs where graphics can be dragged and dropped into the ‘stage’ such as Gamesalad. This video has a round up of tools available for beginners.

Programs included:

– Gamesalad (
– Gamemaker (
– RPG Maker (
– Pygame (
– Stencyl (
– Scratch (
– Sploder (
– Alice (
– Phrogram (
– Construct 2 (
– Adventure Game Studio (
– Flixel (

Read it here:

Advanced Game Development Tools Video:

Gaming Blog:

2D Game Graphics:


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