What Makes A Game Interesting? | Game Design

Some games just catch the eye more than others. In this video I delve into one possible reason for why these games are so interesting.

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Games Shown (In order of appearance)

Portal 2 – Valve
No Man’s Sky – Hello Games
Bendy and the Dark Revival – Joey Drew Studios
Overwatch – Blizzard Entertainment
Baba is You – Arvi Teikari
Getting Over It – Bennett Foddy
Monument Valley – Ustwo Games
Hollow Knight – Team Cherry
Firewatch – Campo Santo
The Stanley Parable – Davey Wreden, Galactic Cafe, William Pugh
Horizon Zero Dawn – Guerrilla Games
Neversong – Atmos Games
The First Tree – David Wehle
Deltarune – Toby Fox
Journey – Thatgamecompany
Don’t Starve Together – Klei Entertainment

Music (In order of appearance)

Esther Abrami’s “Alone With My Thoughts”
Klei Entertainment’s “Taste of Home” (Warly’s Animated Short)

Extra Nature Footage (In order of appearance)

Roman Odintsov


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