Why Digital Products Are Quick, Easy And Cheap To Create In Comparison To Physical Products?

Most digital products are information products. An exception to this would be things like video games, and the various types of computer software on the market. If you decide to get into the software business then you must either have great computer programming skills, or you’ll be hiring someone to do the software creation for you.

So, when I say that digital products are quick, easy, and cheap to create, I’m referring specifically to digital information products. Likewise, when I refer to physical products, I’m not talking about building cars or selling stuff on eBay. The best types of products to sell online are information products in general.

Now digital information products are indeed much easier to create than their physical counter parts…

Typically physical information products are in the form of a book, DVD, CD, or other type of written information.

The digital product can actually be exactly the same except for the formatting. Digital information products typically come in the form of a .PDF document, a video file, a video on a membership site, audio files, podcasts, kindle books, eBooks, special reports, etc.

As far as creation goes, let’s look at the process for creating an eBook in comparison to publishing a paperback book.

Ebook Creation Process:

To create an eBook, you must first write the content of the book. This is the same for the paperback. The next step in eBook creation is getting a good ecover graphic. You can get high quality professional-looking graphics done for you at Fivverr.com for only five dollars. Then you just add that graphic to your typed text document and convert it to a.PDF file. Presto! You now have your own eBook. You can then get it copyrighted for $35. This can be easily done from your home computer by going to www.copyright.gov.

Paperback Book Publishing:

Now the process for printing your paperback is not quite that easy. First, you must find a publisher. But nowadays you can actually self-publish your own paperback or hardback book. Recent advancements in technology really have made it easy to publish a book compared to just a few years ago.

However, actually getting the book published is a different story. Having the book printed and published will cost you a couple of thousand dollars typically. Of course this largely depends on how many copies of the book you want to print.

The point here is that it will cost you a ton of extra time and money to produce the physical book. Why not just go digital?

After looking into the processes for creating both an ebook vs. a paperback it really seems like digital is the way to go if you’re going to market the book yourself.

Source by Steve Dooley

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