WIND – Endless Runner Tutorial in Unity #17

Wind! Push your player left and right at random intervals and use a flag to signal where the wind is blowing!

This is a tutorial series in Unity on how to make a simple 2D endless runner for mobile. See you in the next episode!

Skip bug fix to previous episode’s code: 00:30
Making the wind 01:25
Adding randomization: 06:07
Visual feedback: 09:07

//Sprites used in the video

Wind Flag used for ep. 17

//My game BoatVenture

//People I think are cool that inspire me
➞ Brackeys, great tutorials easy to follow:
➞ DaniDev, young guy with crazy game ideas:
➞ CodeBullet, kinda obsessed with re-making Snake, but really charismatic:
➞ Carykh, crazy smart guy that tries to machine-learning everything

//Music used
➞ Outro music is: Accelerate by Open Music Revolution

//spaghetti bio here
Hi, I’m Ricky. Today I’m making games, tomorrow who knows.
I’m a 22M from Italy, trying to make it as a videogame designer and programmer. Ciao!


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