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In 1985 at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Bill Wright was leading a graduate class on heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) when he was consulted with the Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA). The most influential association of HVAC contractors in the United States, the ACCA wished to collaborate with Wright to establish a software program to run calculations for HVAC engineers. And, so, WrightSoft was created. Still the flagship in HVAC design software, it now creates many software programs to help in HVAC creation. But its initial product, a Manual J load calculator, is still its primary product. If you wish to calculate a load using Manual J8, then it’s your wisest bet to look for a WrightSoft Manual J8 certified engineer.

In order to become a WrightSoft Manual J certified designer, contenders must undergo intensive trainingclasses. They must not only comprehend how to use WrightSoft programs only, but they must also comprehend how to succinctly explain these designs and their importance to others. This is because it’s of utmost importance not only for the designer to understand his own design, but also for the contractor to understand what the design is intending to accomplish and why. That way, he’s not just a robot following a plan, but a human being with common sense who can recognize when something in the plan is awry.

The job of a WrightSoft Manual J certified designer is not just to help design HVAC systems, but also to come up with solutions to problems. If it was just a matter of using the software, anyone with a basic understanding of computers could simply punch in data and crank out load calculations all day. But the key is that the designer knows how to design, and how to come up with creative solutions to common problems.

Not only should the WrightSoft Manual J certified designer be familiar with WrightSoft’s Manual J calculator, but with other WrightSoft software as well, such as Universal Residential v8.0, which combine calculation software with innovative sales, proposal, and equipment comparison software. The designer should even be able to coach the uninitiated on how to effectively use WrightSoft programs to help manage their business, even working with contractors one-on-one, if necessary. The usefulness of a designer certified to work with WrightSoft programs is boundless. And the engineering groups and companies that they work in are fortunate to have them in their midst.

Source by Jarno Garcia Girard

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